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By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #125

I have a slight distrust of software which leans heavily upon a well-known title from the cinema. There are exceptions, such as Rocky Horror, but frankly I'm not sure this program would really create any ripples if it were not for the book and the film.

The screen is split into three main sections. The left-side shows a map of part of Nostromo, the spaceship on which the unfortunate crew find themselves. The right side gives the various menus from which actions can be selected, and at the bottom of the screen is the final window containing status reports, messages of despair and the like!

Nostromo, as you are doubtless aware, has been invaded by the Alien, who has utilised the body of one of the crew, although this varies from game to game. By moving various other members of the crew around the ship, the idea is to decide where the Android is and then trap it. Care must be taken with weapons, as the body exudes an acid-like substance when wounded, but with luck it might be possible to blast the creature into space through an airlock. The menu system is simple, with keys or joystick moving a selection band on a menu. It is fast and responsive, often faster than the program allows the character to move.

> I found the program a little repetitive to play, but I am sure that it will appeal to many owners, and will be a big seller. Perhaps I would enjoy it more if I was better at it...


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