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ZX Computing

Agent Orange
By A 'n F
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #36

Agent Orange

This is the famous "life" program of multiplying cells transplanted and grafted onto an arcade game. The result is a farmers in space foray with liberal doses of sowing, reaping and zapping.

The aim of the game is to establish plantations on alien planets. There are eight to conquer and the final planet has vast supplies of weedkiller with which you can rid the galaxy of weeds. Apart from agriculture there's an element of trading - on returning to your home planet you can cash in your crops and buy a bigger ship. The main action however takes place on the uncultivated planets where you pilot your tiny ship out of the mother craft and set about seeding the surface. There are alien fighters to avoid and destroy and indigenous weeds that will choke your harvest, counteract these threats, harvest your crops and fly back to the mothercraft. That's about the extent of the gameplay - there's a little bit of everything but no highly addictive feature.

Agent Orange is an interesting attempt to try something a bit different but the idea of combining "life" with arcade action sounds a lot better than it plays in practice.