The Micro User

Adventurous English
By Highlight

Published in The Micro User 4.01

Locked up too tight?

Some months ago I reviewed the Read Right Away series from Highlight and was struck, as were the children in my class, by the super graphics.

Now Highlight has released a new series of language programs on cassette and disc.

Adventurous English introduces a cute little character called Ben who, laden down with a large knapsack, goes hiking off through a variety of locations.

Adventurous English

These include a factory, a camp site, a house, woods and at each location the child is asked to enter a suitable adverb for his journey.

Thus he might go over a bridge, or through the hospital.

The movement of the little hiker is smooth, perhaps aided by a curious tendency that Ben has to move three legs at once.

Adventurous English

Once the child has had the necessary reinforcement at this first level, he may continue on to the far more interesting second level, where the locations can be visited in any order.

At certain places he comes across items which might be valuable elsewhere, such as a tent pole or a mask.

These come into their own at certain points, for danger now lurks to be overcome by the earlier acquisition of the necess ary object.

Adventurous English

For example, a mask is used in the plague-ridden hospital and the dog frightens away the troll.

The objects appear to be always at the same points, but at the age range with which this program is concerned 7 to 12 years - this is valuable as it can develop strategy and planning.

Again Highlight has produced a top quality program, and one which will prove to be very useful in the classroom.

> It is a pity that the protection is so tight that few teachers will be capable of altering the words used so as to make the program even more valuable.

Phil Tayler

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