Electron User


Author: Merlin
Publisher: Adventure International
Machine: Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 3.04

Adventureland was the first adventure ever to be released for a home computer, and if that isn't reason enough to buy it, let me state it is also an excellent one.

The object of your quest is to collect and store thirteen treasures. You start the game in a forest and though you aren't a social climber the view is disappointing. The axe is soon found in a sunny meadow and when I tell you that Bunyon's first name was Paul you'll know where to visit when you try some magic.

You might bear this in mind when you visit the quicksand, a definite case of sink or swim! The chiggers in the swamp will soon get under your skin so protect it. The cypress tree is worth a visit but it is not necessary to do so to finish the game, though it will provide a clue.


Having been given the chop, your next problem is getting down to the main body of the game. An examination of the room descriptions and a careful choice of wording is as essential here as it can be elsewhere.

Before you go back up you might consider playing the lead in Aladdin!! A score of 38 out of 100 should be your mark and a means of lighting the lamp will also be found underground, though don't go too far!

If you die you will go to limbo and you only have one move you can make here - a Hell of a choice! By now you are well into the main body of the adventure, and though you will still have to return to the surface several times the answer to most of your problems lies underground.


Scott Adams rates this game at moderate level. I think it is more like beginners' level, especially when you compare it with some of his later games. That is not to say that it doesn't have some fiendish problems though! What makes it easy is the level of help given.

The seasoned adventurer can expect to finish it within a couple of days, but the novice will find it the perfect introduction to the genre. An excellent adventure that is worth having for its collectors' value alone. If you haven't got it, you should have!


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