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Adventure 1
By Abersoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #10

Adventure One

Murderous dwarfs, misty caverns and mysterious objects all play a part in the new Abersoft adventure game for the 48K Spectrum, Adventure One.

Anything can happen during the adventure but one thing to look for is a dwarf who throws knives. He could put a quick end to any adventuring at all!

The adventure is displayed as text on the screen and reads like a book written by Tolkien with shades of Agatha Christie included. It is ideal for a beginner at adventure games because the computer helps the player more than other games so far released for the Spectrum. The game should prove advantageous for the experienced Dungeons and Dragons player who cannot find a Dungeon Mater against which to pit wits.

Adventure One is available from Abersoft, 7 Maes Afallen, Bow Street, Dyfed SY24 5BA and costs £9.95.