Your Sinclair

Advanced Pinball Simulator

Author: Phil South
Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #47

Advanced Pinball Simulator

Yegads, what's this? Pinball?! This is as good an example as you can get to show how odd the pairing of gun and games can sometimes be. What on Earth possessed the designer of this game to make it a 'shoot-at-the-flippers-'em-up'? It almost seems deliberately perverse!

What happens is you shoot at the plunger to eject the ball into the machine. Then you shoot at the flippers to punt the ball back into play if it looks like it's going to make a break for it. Just like a normal game of pinball really (well, sort of). Works okay though, and although a bit strange at first, the program does play a mean pinball!

Phil South

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