Big K

Ad Infinitum

Publisher: Mr. Chip
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Big K #10

Ad Infinitum

Hey, you like-a-da sprites? We gotta-da-sprites! You don'a like-a dat one? We take it out-a-sure. Try-a dissa one. Is good, eh? We gotta da sprites for everybody!

Ad Infinitum tries hard to live up to its name. It's a "Galaxian" variant with a very slow build up. The first ten frames are a total push-over, but the difficulty does start to mount up, ever so slowly. Every frame has a different sort of attacker, and I made frame forty without them repeating themselves. To add interest, there are occasional meteor storms to contend with, and sometimes the attackers come in diagonally. Some are quite zany, in the Manic Miner mould. See how you can cope with a flight of homicidal light-bulbs!

Very much a traditional shoot-'em-up, move left/right, blast away. But its charm lies in variety, and I can't fault it for that. Only thing that puzzles me is why is the game number shown in hex?!