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Home Computing Weekly

Ad Infinitum
By Mr. Chip
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

Just when you thought that you had seen your last space invader game, some smart alec comes up with a new and amusing variant. You control a space ship and must attempt to repulse the waves of alien invaders. Your only protection is a laser and your manoeuvrability.

You can move from side to side, and part of the way up. Your laser has continuous fire but excessive use will cause overheating and possible destruction.

The novel part is that you can have infinite lives. This is rather useful since there are 256 waves of nasties. You get your lives in groups of six and you have the option to continue when the last of the group is lost. If you continue, you resume with the wave of nasties you were fighting last.

The aliens are colourful and each wave acts differently and has a different design. Overall, the game performs nicely.

This sort of game is not really my cup of tea but on balance it's a good game of its type and is worth a close look.