Home Computing Weekly

Ad Astra

Author: J.S.
Publisher: Gargoyle Games
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #62

There's a bug in this program. The inlay card boasts "out of this world explosions"; they certainly are the best I've seen, but... they don't work: an image of your ship appears just below. This is just about acceptable except that when your ship is at the bottom of the screen the program crashes.

You are a member of the Deep Space Patrol and must rid the galaxy of enemy ships, while dodging massive, rotating moons. This is as far as I can get before an enemy catches me at the bottom of the screen and the program crashes. However, it appears there are other aliens, mines and mine layers and interstellar debris.

The graphics are third party 3D, i.e. you see your ship on the screen in front of you, instead of a cockpit view. Thus, your ship, rather than the display, moves when you change direction. This destroys the realism.

This would be a reasonable program if it weren't for the bug. I hope Gargoyle Games have ironed it out - it seems only a simple mistake. I would advise anyone wishing to buy this game to ask for a demonstration first. (The ratings assume the bug has been corrected.)


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