ZX Computing

Activision Action

Published in ZX Computing #19

Activision Action

With their stated aim of being the leading software house of 1985, Activision have a whole new range of programs released or about to be released.

Ghostbusters must be their most spectacular success so far and it will be interesting to see if any of their subsequent games will match its success.

The Music Studio is an ambitious program which uses the limited sound features of the Spectrum to create music. As it was initially planned on the C64, Amstrad and MSX machines it will be interesting to see whether it manages the conversion.

Great European Road Race requires the skills involved in driving in a rally and could be a hit among fans of this king of game. For fans of their programs, Activision are running their own software club, membership of which is free.

The main business is, of course, to advertise and sell their games. However, the last issue also contained news, articles and reviews. Anyone who wishes to join the club should write or phone Activision at 15 Harley House, Marylebone Road, London NW1. Tel 01-486 7588.