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Aces High
By Oasis

Published in Electron User 2.11

Aces High is a compilation package of four card games. These can be played either against the computer or between up to five opponents, depending on the game selected.

Draw poker and stud poker are played by the user against as many as five computer opponents. You are allocated £1,000 to start with, and the game ends when one player has accumulated all the money. The computer is always dealer and always to the same player first, which detracts a little from the reality of the game.

You are given the opportunity to fold, check, call or raise, depending on your hand. Don't worry if you don't understand these terms, or even if you don't know how to play poker, because all is adequately explained in a very handy, explicit booklet which is incorporated in the package.

Blackjack and Pontoon are very similar, but have subtle differences which become clear when you use Aces High. You win the chance to become banker if you get pontoon (in the game pontoon, that is) or a natural (in blackjack).

Again you are given £1,000 to start, and again play continues until one player has accumulated all the cash. All the programs are very simple to use and, as well as the booklet, instructions are given throughout the games.

They couldn't really go wrong with the graphics, but the cards are well depicted and the layouts good.

The games, as you would expect, are aimed at the more mature market, but kids from about ten years old upwards will enjoy the simpler pontoon and blackjack. As it is, Aces High gives all the family the chance to enjoy losing their shirts without really noticing it.

Adam Young