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Ace Of Aces
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #58

Ace Of Aces

Designed by American software house Accolade, Ace Of Aces was first released by US Gold in March 1987 and is a two-section World War II flying simulation.

Section one involves selecting a mission or combination of missions. Enemy targets are displayed on the Intelligence screen, along with the weapons you must select from to arm the plane.

Section two contains the game proper - where you pilot a Mosquito on its mission to eliminate the enemy. A multitude of controls are used to control the plane on five different screens - from the cockpit to the map screen. Once the mission is completed, it's time to return to base to collect points for targets destroyed.

Although boasting some fairly impressive graphics, such as the detailed cockpit and the realistic clouds which fly past, Ace Of Aces offers little long term playability. Destroying enemies becomes simple after practice and there's little else to keep you corning back for more.

Phil King

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