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Home Computing Weekly

ABM Control
By Fantasia 99

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

A B M, or Anti-Balllstic Missile Control, sets one or two players the formidable task of defending four cities and three missiles bases from destruction by bombs, bombers and cruise missiles, all in various formations.

By centring a sight on the target and pressing the fire button an A B M is launched from the player's nearest operational base. The game continues for as long as one city remains, the computer's attacks coming in successive waves.

At the end of each successful defence a score is given calculated on bonuses obtained during that round multiplied by the number of screens survived. After this score has been added to the total the display changes colour combinations and the game continues at a more advanced level.

Although this is a very good game I was staggered at the price. In the same batch for review came this same program by Fantasia, from a different distributor which was offering it with another game for less!