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Computer Gamer

By Bug Byte
Commodore 16

Published in Computer Gamer #23


Controlling a long, wet, sticky tongue may not sound like a particularly pleasant task, but it is one that has contributed to a very good game in Aardvark.

Finding himself situated on the top of an ant burrow Aardy Aardvark has given you control of his enormous tongue in the hope that you can satisfy his mounting hunger by consuming a selection of ant eggs. The eggs themselves are scattered in a maze and lurking amongst them are several other bug forms, few of which enjoy making contact with the pulsating red tip of Aardy's tongue. Things like ants, super ants, queen ants, worms and caterpillars all pose various problems as you try to consume the eggs.

On either side of the screen are several exits from where the bugs appear and the problems arise when your tongue is at the bottom of the maze and the bugs are at the top. The bugs kill Aardy when they touch any part of his tongue, except the tip, so you have to be quick to withdraw it in order to eat them.

The worms are a particularly annoying breed because they can only be eaten tail first and avoiding them head-on can seem, at times, to be a virtual impossibility.

Aardvark is certainly a difficult game but one that continually held my interest. There are over 1,000 maze combinations and sixteen levels to complete, all with a good standard of graphics. This is a game that will keep many C16 game players occupied for a while.