A Question Of Sport
By Encore
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #108

A Question Of Sport

Does this game need any introduction? Apparently so, it seems. Take control of either Ian "The Brane" Botham or Bill "Bill" Beaumont answering questions from the inimitable David "Err... Remarkable!" Coleman.

The computer version takes six rounds from the original quiz show and "re-works" them in order to make them fit the multiple choice format. What this generally means is that the only connection between this and the TV show is the names of each round. The picture board for example isn't a case of identifying the celebrity - it's now a random sporty question that you'll have to answer.

Six repetitious rounds of this sort of bland trivia isn't super-exciting by any stretch of the imagination, and at ten quid, you must be joking!


A Question Of Sport

A pretty ghastly "translation" of the TV show, only for the most single-minded sports trivia buff.


You'd need to be some kind of David Coleman groupie to have fun playing this game.

Atari ST

A bit too similar to the Amiga version for most people's liking. Buy it only if you suffer from chronic insomnia.