Your Sinclair

A Question of Sport
By Elite
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #39

A Question of Sport

I'm sorry folks, but I've got no time for A Question Of Sport anymore - now that Emlyn's defected to Physical Pursuits, that's the proggie for me. Lovable old 'Em may have ditched the trendy sweaters for the red chic of a silky tracksuit but the combination of naff It's A Knockout games and a female co-presenter who's springier than Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout makes this the highest point so far of Emlyn's distinguished TV career.

Now that he's gone, A Question Of Sport is a shadow of its former self. Em's replacement, Ian Botham may have a couple of natty sweaters tucked away in his wardrobe, but his giggle is too manly and his line of patter with big Bill leaves a lot to be desired - bring back Emlyn, that's what I say!

Elite's licensed computer games seems to have ignored the passing of Emlyn though, and manages to accurately reflect the TV programmes current format. Either one of two players take control of the respective teams and choose two team mates from a picturesque selection. This choice only really matter when it comes to the 'Home Or Away' round, as the chosen player's natural sport will decide the question.

A Question Of Sport

Along with 'Home And Away', all of the other old favourites are here including 'What Happened Next' and that age old favourite 'The Picture Board'. Each question is answered from a choice of four, with a fairly speedy timer clicking down and adding to the tension.

The only niggles I found in the presentation were that the correct answer wasn't given if a player guessed incorrectly, and that the whole event was over a bit too quickly. The first of these niggles could actually be taken as an advantage though, as it means that the supply of five question blocks may last a little longer. The manual states that each block of questions may start to repeat after four games, but in my experience certain questions were making a re-appearance second time around.

Overall , A Question Of Sport is a competent sports trivia game with a slightly flat TV presentation. The lack of sound is definitely a drawback, but everything else measures up well. If you're the type who knows who partnered Martina Navratilova in the 1982 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles tournament, then this is an absolute necessity.

Accurately captures the concept, but tacks a lot of the spirit of the real thing. A nice treat for sports fans though.