A Question Of Sport
By Encore
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #64

A Question Of Sport

This conversion of the BBC sports quiz (winner of the accolade "most popular BBC sports quiz of 1988"!) was Elite's big 1988 Xmas release.

Just like the TV show, there are two teams of three with Ian Botham and Bill Beaumont as captains and David Coleman asking the questions. In a one- or two-player game you get to choose your (fictional) team members' favourite sports - and, rather oddly, the captains' (I never realised Bill Beaumont was a racing driver!).

After loading in one of five question blocks, the first of six different question rounds is initiated. Mr Coleman asks questions via scrolling text in a speech bubble. You have a short time to select the correct answer from a list of four options - get it wrong and it's passed over to the opposition for a bonus point.

A Question Of Sport

The rounds are based on the ones on the telly, though disappointingly the Pictureboard, Mystery Personality and What Happened Next rounds don't feature pictures; just more text questions/clues and multiple choice options. The Quickfire round is also different from its TV counterpart with both teams asked questions simultaneously - racing to get the right answer is fun in two-player mode.

The appeal of this game is a question of taste; if you like the TV show, you'll probably enjoy it. Though playing solo is dull, two-player games are good fun and there are plenty of questions (ranging from dead easy to dead hard) to keep you busy for a while.

Not 'quite extraordinary' but good fun for sports buffs.