A Question Of Sport
By Elite
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #47

A Question Of Sport

Cor! You mean A Question Of Sport, just like on the telly? Well... nearly. First off you take control of either Ian 'Goldilocks' Botham or Bill 'big ted' Beaumont, pick your team and choose your favourite sport.

Next: the game. There are six rounds: pictureboard (multiple choice questions, rather than photos), mystery personality (questions again), home or away (questions), what happened next? (Erm... multiple choice questions), quick fire (beat your opponent to answering... yup, multiple choice questions) and pictureboard (again).

And that's it.

A Question Of Sport



Oh well - I was really looking forward to hearing my second favourite theme tune (my favourite's Bullseye) in C64 form. All this has is some warbly unrecognisable tune. Sulk.

The rest of this is OK but, to be honest, it's not that exciting - just a load of interesting multiple choice questions and that's it. No funny graphics or animation, no end-of-game jingle - basically not much.

A Question Of Sport

If you're one of them all singing, all jogging trendy sports fans you might still enjoy it - but at £14.99, check it out first.


It's not really A Question Of Sport, is it? More a question of whether a brilliant TV game could ever have been transferred successfully to any computer.

If you ask me, Elite would have done better to leave this licence alone. Having translated all the exciting visual bits into a lot of questions, all you're left is with a fairly average trivia game.

A Question Of Sport

It doesn't help that it hasn't even been jazzed up with a few tunes, a bit of animation or more than basic sound effects. Nothing to shout "extraordinary" about.


Presentation 60%
One or two-player game, question blocks and keyboard option, but you can't change from one to two players without reloading.

Graphics 40%
Apart from the celebrity heads, it's simple and uninteresting.

Sound 39%
Pleasant title tune with one or two in-game 'boing' effects.

Hookability 60%
It's easy to get into but the lack of variety could put you off.

Lastability 40%
Only for really hardened fans.

Overall 50%
A fairly mediocre licence that's definitely overpriced.