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3D Glooper
By Supersoft
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

3D Glooper

Essential equipment for mighty mean munchers, I should have thought. A fast-response 3D maze bespattered with blue tokens which you gobble up as you race round the streets: a few red ones too, with the power to turn the voracious brown Gloopers into a vulnerable orange. A sensor display indicating the proximity of tokens and monsters aid in the hunt for the 300 or so necessary to exit to the next level. As a 3D maze is more difficult to negotiate than the normal, it's just as well the grim galloping gourmets aren't too intelligent...

Plenty of pink brick walls, dead ends and long grey vistas of course. Padding feet, to warn of imminent danger, are the main sound effects. Certainly unusual, but don't blame me if it makes you dizzy!