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Home Computing Weekly

3D Spell
By Camel Micros
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

The 3D graphics are superb, streets ahead of many so-called 3D games. A fully animated man belts around a track at your command. In the distance, a hoarding which has flashed up a word, waits to receive the correct letters. On either side of the track, closer to you, two smaller hoardings show a letter of the alphabet. Run clockwise and the letters advance towards Z, anti-clockwise and the reverse happens. When you reach the letter you need, you either pause or press the S key depending on the level chosen. Getting the right letter depends on nifty footwork and avoiding a spider on higher levels.

Quite a stunning visual experience and very addictive. There are four speeds and a similar number of word difficulty levels. Up to 1,000 words can be catered for. Will it teach your child to spell? No, it can't. This isn't spelling.

At best, it's word recognition and short term recall training. Even so, it's worth it. Recommended, though I wish Camel had given instructions on the inlay card as well as in the program.


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