Home Computing Weekly

3D Space Ranger

Author: J.H.D.
Publisher: Microbyte
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

Confirmed space invader addicts will enjoy this, with its excellent fast-moving graphics. I found it very difficult to fight my way far enough into the game to review all available levels. Even then I failed to destroy the base.

Good 3D screen effects and enough screen changes to maintain interest. The main object is to destroy the enemy base. Your spacecraft has to destroy, or dodge, squadrons of android belts. Points are given for craft destroyed and for each screen safely negotiated. A player is tempted to stay still and fight but unless you learn to shoot straight and dodge asteroids, energy levels soon fall.

The spaceship is protected by an energy shield and can attack with photon charges and a limited number of smart bombs. However, the ship also has a limited amount of energy which is quickly depleted by collisions. There are freeze action and hi-score facilities, and playershave the option of joystick or keyboard control.

An excellent game with very clear on-screen instructions.


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