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3D Race
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #46

You are at the wheel of a high speed racer and you must overtake five other cars plus a ghost car which appears from time to time. After selecting a skill level (1-6), the five cars appear on the track and zoom off. You select first gear and accelerate after them. You can change lanes, accelerate and brake.

Even at level one, the game turned out to be pretty difficult. Although instructions accompany the tape I found difficulty at first in understanding what was going on, in particular which car I was supposed to be driving. However, after several plays I got the idea and started enjoying the game. Speed, time, temperature and fuel are at the bottom of the screen. Graphics, giving a driver's eye view of the track, are excellent.

There are some pretty sophisticated car racing games on the market and, to be fair, 3-D Race does not come up to their standard, but then it has been written in Basic (It has to be for the standard TI) and the programmers have used the language extremely well.

All in all, good value for money.


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