ZX Computing

3D Tunnel
By New Generation
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in ZX Computing #10

3D Tunnel

3D Tunnel went on the market back in the beginning of the summer. Written and marketed by New Generation Software it was first received in this magazine back in the June/July edition. Since then, Malcolm Evans has also released Knot In 3D, another blockbuster, which was reviewed in the last edition. Knot may also have figured in my Hall of Fame '83 had it not been for the earlier introduction of 3D Tunnel, which just pipped it to the post.

The scenario of 3D Tunnel must be the one of the most graphically ambitious I have yet seen. You are racing down to 3D tunnel infested with rats, bats, spiders and frogs! Whilst trying to steer your way through the tunnel itself you must either avoid or shoot any animals which come toward you. Finally, you have the task of avoiding a London Underground train (48K version only). The graphics for this are incredible. A sheer delight to watch. As for sound, this too is very well catered for; this is certainly a surprise considering the enormous speed at which the game runs.

As well as three speeds, you are also given the option of practice runs at certain stages of the game, as well as a demo mode.

3D Tunnel

Having played 3D Tunnel for many hours I still find the fastest mode dauntingly fast, which is a good thing - who wants to be able to beat a game at its top level too quickly?

There may not be much depth to the scenario of the game, but the graphics can only be described as breathtaking. When I first saw it, I could hardly believe it was a mere Spectrum at work. The addition of a slightly cut down version at 16K is very useful, especially considering that the other two games in this 'Hall of Fame' are both for the 48K only. 3D Tunnel can be heartily recommended those who wish to display the real possibilities of the Spectrum - this will stop many a 'Beeb' owner in his/her stride.

A truly professional program of outstanding quality and impact. It is so addictive that after many months of use, its fun and excitement have hardly lessened.

Nick Pearce

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