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3D Strategy
By Quicksilva
Spectrum 16K

Published in Sinclair User #24

3D Strategy

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES can be a deadly dull pastime especially when played against a computer. The concept can be turned into an interesting game when a three-dimensional aspect is incorporated into the computer. That type of thinking has gone into 3D Strategy.

The game is played in a three-dimensional cube but, apart from that complication, is not much different from the original concept although that one difference is a big one.

The computer will play two types of game with you. The tactical play will make the computer move in a risky and decisive way with a good chance for the calm human player. The positional play option will make the computer move in a considered way. That means the human player can tailor the game to any style of play.

To make the competition even tougher you can put a time option, for minutes or seconds, into effect. It operates in a similar way to blitz chess, where the player and computer must complete a game before time expires.

3D Strategy can be obtained from Quicksilva.

Memory: 16K Price: £6.95