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Home Computing Weekly

3D Star Strike
By Realtime
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

When I first saw this, I was less than impressed, but as I played it a little more it started to grow on me and my fellow players. It is a space battle game with three distinct phases.

In the first, you are speeding through the galaxy to take on your enemy at his home base. You have to destroy the enemy ships whilst at the same time avoiding their fire.

The second phase has you flying over the planet surface to destroy enemy buildings. On the third, you approach the enemy power plant through a duct and avoid catwalks that are at various levels around you.

Finally, there is the power plant to destroy. This takes great accuracy. The game is fast, the graphics, based on wire-frame animation, are good and interesting and there is some variety between the different screens. Having said that, I feel that this isn't one of those games that I would want to play again and again. Perhaps I'm just getting old and jaded with all this killing space.


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