Personal Compuer Games

3D Space Ranger

Author: PC
Publisher: Microbyte
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

3D Space Ranger

As you hyperwarp through deep space this game gives you the real 3D experience. And there's no need to wear special glasses.

You are entrusted with an important task - 'to locate and destroy the Android Death Star which is approaching the Federation sector.' On your way you meet many frightening hazards.

The game begins with your craft blasting through space. The ship is one of the best graphic features of the program: a delta-shaped rocket with twin boosters burning from the back.

3D Space Ranger

The first hazard? Deep Space Saucers - red and white aliens which zoom at you from front and back. They aren't terribly difficult to shoot, but they do bring out a problem which this game shares with many other 3D programs - it's not always easy to realise just where you are in relation to your attackers when you want to act.

Asteroids are the next little problem as they fill the screen and try to swamp you. They are difficult to shoot and even more difficult to avoid.

At this stage you will probably get many opportunities to admire the graphical representation of your ship exploding into a burst of yellow and blue fragments.

Further hazards include space fighters, more asteroids arid long-legged aliens guarding the 'Trench' which is your ultimate destination.

3D Space Ranger is very good value for its 3D effect and graphics, but may not have enough variety to hold your interest for a long time.


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