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1984: The Day After
By Mastertronic
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #18

1984: The Day After

No flight manual, no convoluted scenario, no hideous aliens, no classical music. But they are not missed in this test of dexterity where you coax a rocket through tunnels and over the contours of stark, scrolling landscapes by delicately prompting the thruster motor.

Apart from the rocks there is a pressing need to avoid saucers from RentaUFO and shells from sentinel guns situated to defend energy deposits. You mustn't touch anything... use the tractor beam to suck in the pink parcels whilst hovering, then off to the next deposit.

The sole, addictive, quality of the game (very well exploited) is the essential precision manoeuvring of the rocket, achieved by marrying bursts on the thruster with keen directional control. If you already have a "Lander" program, you probably won't want this; otherwise at £2, it's a must.