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10th Frame
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #25

10th Frame

It amazes me how some companies can even think of launching some of the software they do at full price, when other better software houses would probably turn their noses up at the stuff at a budget price.

Unfortunately, 10th Frame is one of these games. Based on ten-pin bowling - a game popular in the US but not played very much over here; it is similar to skittles but has a complex scoring system which involves carrying over scores from one frame to the next.

This US Gold/Access implementation of the game is okay - the rules are explained properly and jargon defined with diagrams to show various shots. All scoring is automatic with the various calculations carried out for you. The game allows a number of players to play against each other and will also handle league play with teams of up to four players playing each other.

The screen shows a perspective view of a full bowling alley. However, only the centre run is used. This means that the majority of the screen is not used at all, very pretty, but not very useful. The top of the screen is the scoreboard and this is similar to the standard scorecard as used in normal play.

When you bowl a ball you first position the player on screen and set his aiming point. You then have to catch a moving power bar in exactly the right area or you will slip up and the ball will go anywhere.

The animation of the player bowling is very good, but this isn't enough to save the game graphically.

This Amstrad implementation is adequate but no more than that. The gameplay is uncomplicated and unchallenging. A disappointing game that looks more like a single event from a multiple sports game than a standalone project.