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Amstrad Action

10th Frame
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #19

10th Frame

Initially disappointing simulation of ten-pin bowling, but it grows on you. Lane display is too small and strength or hook commands are hard to determine - but with practice it improves. Has kids' option, league or open bowling and up to eight players. A decent simulator that would have benefited from more spectacular graphics and easier controls.


Graphics 30%
N. Small, indistinct lane display.
N. A balls-eye view would have been better!

Sonics 24%
N. Wimpy sound effects and no music.

Grab Factor 47%
N. Not easy to get the hang of control.
N. Unimpressive graphics put you off.

Staying Power 69%
P. Quite skilful if you practice.
P. Up to eight players and three skill levels.

Overall 60%
The one and only bowling simulation.