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10 Computer Hits 4
By Beau Jolly

Published in A&B Computing 5.05

If you thought 10 Computer Hits 3 was good value, what about this? Twelve games - twelve! And not a turkey amongst them; well, not quite.

Let's start with the obvious winners - Superior's Repton and Aardvark's Zalaga - the first in a seemingly endless classic series and Orlando's mega-classic zapper. If these are not in your collection, then shame on you.

Couple those with some more Superior gems from the last couple of years - Thrust, Death Star, Galaforce and Karate Combat and you start to get the feel for what great value this compilation is. Throw in Gary Partis' Uridium clone Psycastria and a couple of rather dated Micro Power releases The Mine and Killer Gorilla and that still leaves room for Blagger and Bug Eyes 2!

I can't believe this compilation. At least six all-time classic games plus some great support and all for the price of one new one. If you haven't got all of these already, then you'd be absolutely crazy not to run out and have over the cash. Now.

Dave Reeder

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