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10 Computer Hits 2
By Beau Jolly
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #9

10 Computer Hits 2

Compilations have been selling exceedingly well and no wonder, because they represent such excellent value for money. This is the second such offering from Beau-Jolly and although all the games are quite old now, it is probably even better value than the first compilation. We've given a single overall rating for each game that probably differs from their original ones in past issues. That's because there's been a lot of improvement in Amstrad games that tends to downgrade the older titles.

Codename Mat

An early successful shoot-'em-up that is definitely showing its age now. The graphics and sound are primitive by today's standards but, even so, there is still some depth to the action. Not as good as more recent space games but does have some nostalgia value.

Moon Buggy

A rather underrated version of the arcade game Moon Patrol that places you in a buggy trundling across a lunar landscape. You have to jump potholes, blast rocks, destroy spaceships and avoid animals in your path to get through three dangerous zones. Nice scrolling backgrounds and a testing arcade challenge.

World Cup

This football simulation is in the same mould as Match Day but not quite as classy in its execution. It has a scrolling pitch with a goal at either end. One to eight players can play in a world cup tournament but a single player will find life very tough against the computer. The gameplay is rather limited though without much variety.


An excellent version of the arcade game Defender with lots of fast action as your spaceship flies low across the surface of a planet. You have to protect scientists on the ground from marauding aliens. They attack in waves and come in several varieties that just get tougher and tougher. A really good blast.

Fantasia Diamond

The only adventure on the compilation but a worthy one at that. It featured in the Pilgrim's top eight back in issue one and still looks pretty good today. It's got nice pictures and some uncommonly intelligent characters - the Pilgrim was particularly taken by a toy robot who seems to have a mind of its own.

Super Pipeline II

Sixteen pipelines have to be kept in good repair while they fill up barrels with water. You control Foreman Fred who, with the help of two workmates, has to stop tools knocking holes in the pipes and other nasty creatures from knocking him off them.

The game features some excellent graphics and sound but can be mastered fairly easily.

Technician Ted

An arcade adventure in the Jet Set Willy mould but with more complicated tasks to complete. Ted has to complete 21 tasks in a single working day without running out of energy. Each task consists of hitting two boxes in a room, but in a particular order.

The graphics and sound are fair, very JSW-ish, and the gameplay is really quite addictive. Not as complex as more recent arcade adventures but still a good game.

Arkanoid II

This arcade game relies on fast action and a tough task to get you really addicted and again it has stood up well to the test of time. It features an android in a maze of hedges infested with hoverdroids, bouncers and your prey the militoids. There are five of these nasty insects that have to be shot three times in the head to kill them off. Some very stylish graphics but you may find control touchy and the scrolling annoying.

3D Starstrike

This is quite an old shoot-'em-up but still shows plenty of class today. It is a four stage battle to destroy enemy bases in hollowed-out moons. The first stage is a space battle against many enemy ships and is followed by a pass low across the moon's surface shooting towers.

The third and fourth stages are in a trench where you have to avoid catwalks and blast gun emplacements before attacking the reactor pods that will destroy the moon. There's plenty of fast and colourful action that still makes this an excellent addition to anyone's collection.

Mutant Monty

You might call this a platform game without gravity. It has the familiar task of collecting objects on a screen before being able to move to the next. Control is quite difficult and the 40 screens will be tough to complete.

Second Opinion

They may be old, but look at the price! Besides, who cares what age the games are, when you've got the likes of Gauntlet and Arkanoid II? If half these games are worth Mastertronic prices - and they are! - then the odd duff one doesn't matter anyway. Go for it!

Green Screen View

On all ten? You've got to be joking!

Good News

P. 10 games for just over the price of one.
P. A good range of titles and game types - something to suit everyone.
P. Many excellent titles that still look good today.
P. Great package for the new Amstrad owner.

Bad News

N. Tape loading can take time.

Bob Wade

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