Robocop 3 for the Spectrum 128K -
Robocop 3 (1992) (Spectrum 128K)

More of the usual platform walk and shoot Robocop action, this time facing off against the corrupt Omni Consumer Products corporation.

Available For:
Amiga 500, Amstrad CPC464, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Nintendo, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive (EU Version) & Spectrum 128K

Tags: 3d, beat-'em-up, car, film tie-in, first person, multiple genres, scrolling, shooter, run and gun, movie, driving, police, sci-fi, robot, futuristic, amstrad 464, c64, spectrum 128k, atari st, amiga 500, master system (eu), nes (usa), game gear (eu), genesis, megadrive (eu), game gear (usa), master system (japan), master system (usa), amstrad 664, game gear (japan), nes (eu), nes (japan)
Publisher: Ocean
Author(s): Sound Images & Dominic Wood
On-Screen Language(s): English
Genre: Arcade Game: Action
Items: Robocop 3 (Ocean, Cassette), Robocop 3 (Erbe Software S.A., Cassette), Robocop 3 (Ocean, 3" Disc), Robocop 3 (Erbe Software S.A., Cassette), Robocop 3 (Ocean, Cassette)

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