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Elite (1986) (Amstrad CPC464)

Strive to gain the coveted title of "Elite" by interstellar trading and dogfighting.

Available For:
Acorn Electron, Amiga 500, Amstrad CPC464, Apple II, Archimedes A3000, Atari ST, BBC B/B+/Master 128, BBC Master Compact, Commodore 64, Nintendo (US Version) & Spectrum 48K/128K

Tags: 3d, business, cockpit view, cult, shoot-'em-up, space, trading, wireframe
Publisher: Firebird
Author(s): -
On-Screen Language(s): English
Genre: Arcade Strategy Trading Game; Modern Classic
Items: Elite (Amstrad Action, Cassette), Elite (Firebird, Cassette), Elite (Firebird, 3" Disc)

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