Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja for the Amiga 500 -
Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja (1988) (Amiga 500)

Available For:
Amiga 500, Amstrad CPC464, Atari ST, Commodore 64/128, Nintendo & Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Tags: beat-'em-up, platform, scrolling, ninja, sideways, arcade, cooperative, horizontal, amstrad 464, c64, spectrum 48k, c128, spectrum 128k, atari st, spectrum +2, spectrum +3, amiga 500, nes (usa), amstrad 664, nes (eu), nes (japan)
Publisher: Imagine
Author(s): Claude Sablatou, Christophe Le Bouil, Christophe Gomez, Benoist Aron, Philippe Chastel, Stéphane Nouhaud, Yannick Gilbert, Michele Bagque, Laurent Laplace, Marc Djan & Jean Baudlot
On-Screen Language(s): English
Genre: Unknown Genre Type
Items: Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja (Imagine, 3.5" Disc), Dragon Ninja (The Hit Squad, 3.5" Disc), Ninja Collection (Ocean, 3.5" Disc)

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