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ZX Computing #22 (1st December 1985) (Spectrum 16K/48K/Plus/128K, Magazine)

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Zapping Your Graphics (Spectrum 48K)
A superb package for the dedicated games writer. It's good to see Forth having a practical use, and the end results could be superior to any other games designer programs.
Doing It With Style (Saga) (Spectrum 48K)
To make the most of Style, you really need to use it in conjunction with the Graphics Pad, and I must admit that I found using the two together very enjoyable.
Desert Burner (Creative Sparks) (Spectrum 48K)
As with many games of this simplicity it has an addictiveness out of proportion to the action; it may not be particularly sophisticated, a few flickers, a few attribute clashes, but it is pretty good value for the money.
Supersam (Budgie) (Spectrum 48K)
Though essentially a maze/dodge and collect game, it is reasonable value for money and will provide a few hours of amusement.
Nonterraqueous (Mastertronic) (Spectrum 48K)
With over 1,000 screens of well designed problems to negotiate, fast action, smooth well animated sprites and a set of problems to solve, this game is a must for any arcade addict.
Cylu (Firebird) (Spectrum 48K)
This is one for the expert gamester and should give many hours of enjoyment.
Chinese Patience (Atlantis) (Spectrum 48K)
If you have the patience and like card games (and even if you don't I suggest you try this one), then this will keep your mind ticking over for many a long winter's night.
Action Biker (Mastertronic) (Spectrum 48K)
This is a fairly average game which gave me a few interesting moments but no real desire to go back to it again.
London Adventure (Fridaysoft) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
A very enjoyable and challenging game which makes a change from the usual fantasy settings, and this is Fridaysoft's avowed intention.
Scoop (Sentient) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
A very good example of a Quilled game at its best.
The Amulet (Sentient) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
The Amulet is a rather clichéd, and nondescript adventure, with lacklustre location descriptions, devoid of atmosphere and lacking colour.
Daley Thompson's Super Test (Ocean) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Each of the events needs slightly different techniques to succeed... I personally enjoyed the shooting and ski jump whilst the tug-o'-war and diving gave me a lot of frustration.
Fighting Warrior (Melbourne House) (Spectrum 48K)
Melbourne House yet again bring a touch of class to computer gaming.
That's The Spirit (The Edge) (Spectrum 48K)
This is a game for the cerebral arcade player and as such is quite difficult.
Monty On The Run (Gremlin) (Spectrum 48K)
With 43 screens, this should keep Monty's fans happy and probably gain him a few new ones. One of the better programs of this type.
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (US Gold) (Spectrum 48K)
Colourful, enjoyable, I just wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing!
Macadam Bumper (PSS) (Amstrad/Spectrum)
As a pinball program, it is very playable, and with the option of making your own designs the life of this program is extended greatly. Get bored, design a new game.
The Rats (Hodder & Stoughton) (Spectrum 48K)
The whole thing is quite an unusual concept and I enjoyed it greatly, however, the vivid descriptions are quite gory and not for the squeamish.
Marsport (Gargoyle Games) (Spectrum 48K)
The basic style of animation is much the same as Gargoyle's earlier games, but this time the movement of the main character is even smoother than before.
Astroclone (Hewson) (Spectrum 48K)
Like Avalon and Dragontorc, the problem solving can slow the game down quite a lot in places, and despite the combat sequences the game may not appeal to the shoot-'em-up brigades.
Sparkler's Special (Creative Sparks) (Spectrum 48K)
I'm not particularly impressed with any of the games here. They might make a reasonable present for youngsters around the age of ten.
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole (Mosaic/Level 9) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Admittedly, the text is very amusing in places, but if all you want is to read the diaries, then why not go out and buy the books?
Hacker (Activision) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
This is not a game that's likely to appeal to arcade addicts, but for adventure fans and people who like to get their teeth into a good, infuriating puzzle it's probably the best thing to come along since Level 9 adventures.
Halley's Comet (Anima) (Spectrum 48K)
Obviously an astronomy program like this will appeal only to a small, specialist audience, but it does seem to achieve its aims quite well.
Spectrum Wargaming (Collins) (Spectrum 48K)
A very intelligent book, well thought out and enough to keep anyone occupied over the winter months.
Politics And Military Simulation Games (Interface) (Spectrum 48K)
I did feel that at times the book expects you to know a lot more than at other times. But still, an interesting book.
How To... (Babani) (Spectrum 48K)
This book may appeal to those who have some ideas but have difficulty in transferring them onto a computer, but otherwise I cannot really see the book as being extremely beneficial to anyone.
Data Management At Work (Pan) (Spectrum 48K)
If you have already followed the millions by buying a business computer, this book should also be read with interest to illustrate the capabilities of such a machine.
QL Hyperdrive (English) (Sinclair QL)
The game is presented very well and displays the instructions on which keys to use, it also demonstrates parts of each stage.
Cuthbert In Space (Microdeal) (Sinclair QL)
Enjoyable and also reasonably addictive. Playing the game is quite simple, though the actual movements of the character are quite fast.
QL Cavern (JMF/Sinclair) (Sinclair QL)
Play is very enjoyable and addictive, some screens are difficult, some are complex and some are simple but they are all excellent and very exciting.
Matre 81 (Arctan) (Sinclair ZX81)
Around 30 animated functions... Probably the most unique is 'kaleidoscope' where anything drawn in the top right hand quadrant of the screen is mirrored in the other three quadrants.
Bouncing Bert (Software Farm) (Sinclair ZX81)
An enjoyable game, and good use is made of the ZX81 graphics for the display and animation.