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ZX Computing #11 (1st February 1984) (Spectrum 16K/48K/Plus/128K, Magazine)

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Alphaprobe (Artic) (Spectrum 48K)
Not a particularly inspired game. I thought that the screen displays were somewhat primitive for a game of this sort.
Dominoes (Phipps) (Sinclair ZX81)
An enjoyable game and the Spectrum proves a good opponent.
Toolkit (Artic) (Sinclair ZX81)
A highly recommended cassette... Toolkit takes up only 2K of memory and is quickly loaded which is pretty impressive considering the range of functions available.
Vufile (Psion) (Sinclair ZX81)
A very good program that does all that it claims to. It certainly gave me a better understanding of how computers can be used for storing data and the power a computer system can offer.
Nowotnik Puzzle (Phipps) (Sinclair ZX81)
It is relatively easy to complete one square (or face), but it is solving the whole puzzle without ruining what you have already accomplished that is so infuriatingly difficult.
The Alphacom 32 Printer (Dean Electronics) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
If you are looking for a very good alternative to the ZX printer, I can wholeheartedly recommend this machine.
Frenzy (Quicksilva) (Spectrum 16K)
A game that rewards repeated play, giving you a real chance of building up your ability.
Sheepwalk (Virgin Games) (Spectrum 48K)
The game has attractive graphics and runs in Basic at a gentle pace. It is easy to master the essentials of the game but difficult to get a high score.
Pssst (Ultimate) (Spectrum 16K)
The best game that I have yet tried... Extremely well written, very entertaining and addictive and I thoroughly recommend it.
Forth (Artic) (Sinclair ZX81)
Hmmm... It's a problem that this version of Forth is so easy to crash. Another small fault is that the keyboard overlay is not all that good.
Sabotage (Sinclair) (Sinclair ZX81)
These are entertaining strategy games. The graphics are quite smooth since the bulk of the program is in machine code.
Espionage Island (Artic) (Spectrum 48K)
Kept me occupied for several evenings and Artic are to be congratulated on producing such an interesting game.
Laser Snaker (Poppy Soft) (Spectrum 48K)
Colourful, exciting and a pleasure to play, even if it is not the most innovative piece of software on sale today.
Chequered Flag (Psion) (Spectrum 48K)
An exciting, graphically impressive and highly enjoyable game to play - definitely a winner.
Gangsters (Cases) (Spectrum 48K)
Excellent... Gives the idea of strategy games a new breath of life.
Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes/Castle Colditz (K-Tel) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3)
This cassette is good, but far from mindblowing, especially as the product of such a well established company as K-Tel.
Space Island (Terminal) (Spectrum 48K)
Reasonably original, complicated in some respects, whilst simple in its concept.
The Tomb Of Dracula (Felix) (Spectrum 48K)
The graphics are good and the sound fun, which makes for a very enjoyable and exciting game.
Ghost Town (Virgin Games) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Not as much fun or as exciting as most other adventure games.