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The Micro User 2.03 (1st May 1984) (BBC/Electron, Magazine)

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Omega Probe (Optima)
Not just another watered-down version of an arcade game, but a truly original, fast-moving and action-packed game that rivals even the best of arcade game classics.
Ghouls (Micro Power)
Simple but effective. I really must go and have one last stab at retrieving those jewels.
Chickaroo (Screenplay)
I found the word skills required to be pretty basic.
Franklin's Tomb
A nicely packaged program, but definitely not for the more experienced adventurer... I just hope the other two programs are a little more demanding.
Jigsaw Puzzle (Ega Beva)
The presentation and illustration is excellent.
I Do & The Dating Game (Acornsoft/Ivan Berg)
The Dating Game is readily comprehensible in both questions and results, its approach refreshing, and its sense of its own importance realistic.
Hunchback (Superior)
All in all, this game has excellent graphics and sound blended in a way that is remarkably good.
Utilities Package (Salamander)
I found this package a little disappointing although the Teletext designer... could be the best on the market.
Horror Castle (A 'n F)
Not a great game, but a good one, and ideal for the inexperienced adventurer.