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Mean Machines Sega #30 (1st March 1995) (Sega Game Gear (EU Version), Magazine)

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True Lies (Acclaim) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
Plenty of murder and carnage, with a real sense of tension. But as a representation of the movie True Lies on the Megadrive it's less successful.
Asterix: The Power Of The Gods (Sega) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
Visually engaging at every point. One continue, no passwords, tons of levels, unforgiving gameplay. This is the way we like 'em.
Victory Goal (Sega) (Sega Saturn (JP Version))
Rumours that Victory Goal was a bit crud had circulated since the New Year, but I hardly though it would be this inept. And the music is the worst thing this side of Boyzone.
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (Acclaim) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
This NBA Jam upgrade scorches... Tournament Edition is the best yet.
Skeleton Krew (Core Design) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
The number of aliens are often excessive, making successful manoeuvring and accurate firing almost impossible, and loss of life seemingly inevitable. It's a little like painting the Mona Lisa, and adding a beard to her.
ATP Tennis Tour (Sega) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
Sits firmly in the second rank of tennis games, but we're not talking about a total waste of time.
Sonic Drift 2 (Sega) (Sega Game Gear (EU Version))
This is a brilliant game, and the perfect reason for buying a link cable.
NFL Quarterback Club (Acclaim) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
Not the definitive American footy game, this succeeds by taking a specialist approach.
Toughman Contest (Electronic Arts) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
EA's biggest game to date, but one that misses the mark through lack of playability. Not a heavyweight contender.
Moto Cross Championship (Sega) (Sega 32X (EU Version))
Look, I know there's not many games out for the 32X, but don't let that fool you into shelling out for this. It's very poor indeed.
Links: The Challenge Of Golf (Virgin) (Sega CD (US Version))
Oh deary, deary me... How did this pile of rubbish get past the first stages of playtesting? I can smell something from Links, but it isn't green.
Warlock (Acclaim) (Sega Mega Drive (EU Version))
A crap-looking veneer hides a very challenging platformer. It you fancy something a little different, give it a whirl. There's a nice picture of Julian Sands when you lose.
Stargate (Acclaim) (Sega Game Gear (EU Version))
A tidy little puzzler... Nothing to match Columns, but not a bad effort nonetheless.
Fatal Fury Special (Sega) (Sega Game Gear (EU Version))
Basic and shoddy... Gameplay so hit-and-miss I'd advise playing with your feet! I felt tempted to do my Game Gear some damage with them after half an hour of this.
Super Columns (Sega) (Sega Game Gear (EU Version))
It's just Columns... again. A good puzzle game, but Mean Bean Machine is better.