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Mean Machines Sega #3 (1st December 1992) (Sega Game Gear, Magazine)

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Ecco The Dolphin (Sega)
The dolphin animation is astounding, and the background graphics are a work of art... Overall, a Megadrive classic without doubt, and a strong contender for best game ever!
Wonder Boy In Monster World (Sega)
One of the best arcade adventures ever.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day: The Arcade Game (Acclaim)
The first real light gun game which has anything to offer. Menacer owners should definitely buy it, but joypadeers should leave it alone.
Ex-Mutants (Sega)
A great game which is, for once, enhanced by its difficulty level. A priority purchase.
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Electronic Arts)
An excellent road racer, packed with high-speed japery... Particularly fun with two players at the controls.
Lemmings (Sega)
A fantastic and laudable conversion... Remarkable animated sprite achievements.
WWF Wrestlemania (Acclaim)
Highly recommended to those after a decent wrestling game and a definite must-buy for all fans of the World Wrestling Federation (tm).
Mega-Lo-Mania (Virgin)
The definitive Megadrive strategy game. It's fun as well as complex, and has tons of playability.
John Madden Football '93 (Electronic Arts)
The sprites are too small, and the animation on the crowd scenes and Madden himself is atrocious. For me, John Madden '92 is the best version of the series and is the one to get if you haven't already got an American football game.
Batman Returns (Sega)
A Gothic, visual treat with a distinctive graphic style that suffers at the hands of frustrating gameplay!
World Of Illusion (Sega)
Beautifully presented throughout, as you'd expect from Disney. Plus a host of good tunes and some fab effects.
Master Of Darkness (Capcom)
Good, sinister fun and an excellent showcase for the Master System whose sell-by date, judging from this, is a long way off yet!
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega)
A great game... You'd be silly to pass it up but it does present a high level of challenge.
Chuck Rock (Sega)
As far as Game Gear platform action goes, you can't do much better than Chuck Rock.
Super Off-Road (Sega)
The gameplay does become quite repetitive after a while, but it's just such good fun to play... Should keep you coming back for more months after you've bought it.
Outrun Europa (Sega)
As road racers go, this isn't awful, it's just very average.
The Terminator (Sega)
The Terminator isn't a classic release, but it's great fun, quite lastable and above all, entertaining!
Risky Woods (Electronic Arts)
The less of this kind of thing that sees the light of day on the Megadrive, the better. Not that it's altogether that bad, but the machine is capable of so much more.
TaleSpin (Sega)
Dreadful... Baloo drifts around like a ghost and collision detection is very bad indeed. You can't hit certain enemies for toffee! The last straw must be the stupid two-player mode.
PGA Tour Golf II (Electronic Arts)
I'm simply stunned... The best golf game for the Megadrive just got even better!
Streets Of Rage II (Sega)
The greatest sequel we've seen for ages and the best scrolling beat-'em-up ever to hit a home console!
John Madden Football (Electronic Arts)
Although this is still a brilliant game, you'd have to be a raving loon to buy it when superior versions of the game are available.
Arnold Palmer's Golf (Sega)
A pretty serviceable golf game, but it has aged. Golf fans now have a better choice available - the awesome PGA Tour Golf.
Danan: The Jungle Fighter (Sega)
Very average. These days, with plenty of better platformers around, this would be lucky to get 55%.
Hellfire (Toaplain)
Brilliant! Hellfire is still the greatest scrolling shoot-'em-up you can get for the Megadrive... If you haven't got it, get it!
Super Monaco GP (Sega)
A great game which is still as playable now as it was then. But the very similar and slightly better Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II is the best buy these days.
Ghostbusters (Sega)
As blasters go, this one's fast and playable, but it has aged a bit.
World Cup Italia '90 (Sega)
A veritable stained lavatory pan of a football game with dreadful graphics, dire sound and playability from Satan's school of gaming.