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Home Computing Weekly #81 (25th September 1984) (Generic, Magazine)

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Match Point (Psion/Sinclair Research) (Spectrum 48K)
Impressive graphics... If you like tennis, you'll love this. If you don't, you'll probably like it anyway.
Perils Of Bear George (Cheetahsoft) (Spectrum 48K)
Graphics are no better than I expect nowadays, and nothing in the game makes it stand out.
Beatcha! (Romik) (Spectrum 48K)
Not original, but fun nonetheless... The scoring system gives a good long game, even if you're a beginner.
Football Manager (Addictive Games) (BBC Model B)
An absorbing game which kept me and my son amused over many sessions. Good value.
Tank Attack (Hamsoft) (Sord M5)
Highly recommended to all those who are put off by the hideously high price of cartridge software.
Sprite Routines (Hamsoft) (Sord M5)
These routines will be invaluable to those who do not own BASIC-G.
Spoof (Runesoft) (Spectrum 48K)
An amusing departure from the adventure norm and well worth a look, were it not for the exorbitant price.
Billy Ball At The Hatchery (Stainless) (Sord M5)
The eggs are destroyed by the powerful force of vibration - makes a change from laser zapping, doesn't it?
Bowls (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
Play against the computer or another player... Experience needs to be acquired before bowling becomes accurate.
Spectrealm (Runesoft) (Spectrum 48K)
Two years ago, this would have been acceptable, but users have come to expect more now.
Traffic (Quicksilva) (Commodore 64)
An original and interesting arcade/strategy game which people of all gaming types should find enjoyable.
Forbidden Fruit (Voyager) (BBC Model B)
You never lose a life and it is possible to choose which level you start on.
Piromania (Automata) (Spectrum 48K)
A hectic, but very playable game.
Quo Vadis (Softek) (Commodore 64)
A very good game... Its addictiveness, scale and variety justify its high price tag for most people.
Nightmare Maze (MRM) (BBC Model B)
A fast-action game with an original concept.
Strangeloop (Virgin Games) (Spectrum 48K)
Virgin boast days and weeks of entertainment from this program and I agree.
Artist (MRM) (BBC Model B)
The instructions incorporate splendid colour and graphics and make enjoyable reading.
Match Halves/Match Colours (B. Jackson) (TI99/4A)
The program is well-written, and excellent use is made of the Speech option.
Atlantis (Intrigue) (TI99/4A)
The presentation is quite good on screen, but TI Basic is not the fastest medium for such games. A credible effort, though.
Display Enhancement Package (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
I feel that a disc system is a necessity, although this is cassette-based.