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Home Computing Weekly #37 (15th November 1983) (Generic, Magazine)

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Chuckie Egg (A 'n F) (Spectrum 48K)
It's a most enjoyable fun game and very addictive, if a trifle pricey.
Q*Bert (Superior) (BBC Model B)
Very well written... Excellent graphics and sound.
Dicky's Diamonds (Romik) (Commodore 64)
It is very well-presented and plays some classical music between games.
Steeple Jack (English) (Atari 400/800)
An original game which, in my opinion, would have benefited from some further development.
Bugaboo (Quicksilva) (Spectrum 48K)
The whole idea seems to be aimed at the younger player, and I don't mean that in any patronizing way - it isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Ultima Zone (Tansoft) (Oric 48K)
The Oric's super sound has not been stretched to its full capability, but this may be viewed as a blessing by any non-micro freaks in the neighbourhood.
Skramble (Anirog) (Commodore 64)
The colours and definition used in the graphics are top quality and cannot be criticised.
Grid Runner (Quicksilva) (Spectrum 16K)
A high score feature is provided and, since the grid runner can move up and down as well as side to side, a high degree of hand/eye co-ordination is required.
Quintic Warrior (Quicksilva) (Commodore 64)
The game didn't appeal to me - I soon got bored with it! It isn't really fast enough for anyone over 10.
The Ultra (PSS) (Oric 48K/Atmos)
A must for Oric owners... Use of graphics is among the best so far.
Giant's Castle (Dungeon) (Dragon 32)
In one room, the wrong decision causes the program to wipe itself out - a nuisance in class because valuable time is wasted reloading.
Geography (Kemsoft) (Spectrum 48K)
This game demonstrates how home computers should really be used, and puts all arcade games to shame.
Junior Education (Calpac) (Spectrum 16K/48K)
A valuable and useful pack for both school and home.
Maths Trek (Dungeon) (Dragon 32)
Good at home or in the classroom, but unfortunately a solitary trek.
Midas Maze (Dungeon) (Dragon 32)
Fun for the youngsters with a minimal amount of supervision - I would even be happy to see this one in a playschool.
Special Mission (Temptation) (TI99/4A)
The ultimate solution to the adventure is difficult to achieve except, perhaps, for the experienced player.
Masterchess (Mikro-Gen) (Spectrum 48K)
A superb example of a real application for a home computer.
Castle Adventure (Virgin) (Dragon 32)
I would not recommend this to a dedicated adventure game player.
Global Rescue (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
A well-designed and fully documented game, which makes a refreshing change from zapping aliens.
Lojix (Virgin Games) (Spectrum 48K)
A game for the thinker - and I'll bet it will be a while before the cash is won.
Stargazer Secrets (CRL) (Spectrum 48K)
Once run, its function is completed... The only other use could be at parties... Who will buy it?
Horoscopes (Third Program) (Acorn Electron)
Contains a plea from the author not to copy the program as he's trying to earn a living from it; on the basis of this work he's likely to starve to death.
I Ching (Virgin) (Dragon 32)
I would think Chairman Mao's little red book is probably more interesting and better value for money than this.
Spectadraw 2 (BS McAlley) (Spectrum 48K)
At this price, I would stick to the birthday method.
Dieta (L. C. Dunbar) (Spectrum 48K)
A useful addition to the Spectrum library, which could find application at school as well as at home.
Battle Tanks (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
While it might appeal to children, it is too boring for adults, and really needs something to spice it up in order to make it worth its price tag.
Tank Battle (Temptation) (TI99/4A)
As much consideration has been given to the overall presentation of the program as in the play itself.
Lunar Base/Torpedo Fire (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
Both games have good graphics and sound. Neither is disadvantaged by the inevitable slowness of TI Basic.
Space Rescue 2.0 (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
Control of the landers is either by joystick or keyboard.
Galactic Gunfight (Stainless) (TI99/4A)
Quite a good game, made that much better by having such a range of difficulty levels.