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Hardcore Gaming 101 Issue 1 (30th November -0001) (PlayStation 2 (JP Version), Magazine)

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wordimagesoundplay (Tomato) (PlayStation 2 (JP Version))
The unwillingness to propose an actual game, rather than just put up concepts for show, is why this was a failure. It may entertain you for half an hour, but it will be quickly forgotten afterwards.
2064: Read Only Memories (Limited Run Games) (PlayStation 4 (US Version))
Packs in so much heart and soul in its short runtime... Captures the flavour of its genre, but adds its own richness in the process.
The Adventures Of Willy Beamish (Dynamix) (Sega CD (US Version))
One of the two Dynamix titles ported to the Sega CD. Though it suffers from the 64 color palette limit, it still looks pretty decent.