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EGG #014: Commodore 64 (26th August 2018) (Commodore 64, Magazine)

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Soulless (Psytronik)
From a promising beginning, soon commits the sin of being rather run-of-the-mill graphical adventuring.
Little Knight Arthur (Pasi Hytonen)
The game is one of almost complete randomness - the spiders, rivers, bats and crab-bat things that inhabit each room don't follow any set pattern.
Frantic Freddie (Oziphantom)
A brilliant sequel to one of the Commodore's most beloved platformers.
Robots Rumble (Majikeyric)
Even if you do really like the concept, you may well find your enthusiasm dulled by having to repeat the early screens over and over (and over) again.
Flubble And Squij (Psytronik)
An excellently executed, cartoony platformer but one which, even in its "remixed" form seems slightly rough around the edges.
Fix-It Felix Jr. (Brokenbytes)
It looks lovely. The trouble is that it's really, really boring to play.
The Story Of U.S. Gold (Fusion Books)
U. S. Gold made millions, and the book explains how. But for all its wonderful presentation, I'm afraid the story left me cold.
Sprero (Oziphantom)
You can be killed as soon as you enter an unfamiliar room unless you ease yourself into every one extremely slowly. It's very tedious indeed.
Fire Breath (Erik Hooijmeijer)
A reasonable Bubble Bobble clone but one which doesn't really measure up. If you think of it as a Work In Progress, it's really not too bad and shows a lot of promise.
L'Abbaye Des Morts (Double Sided Games)
What makes this so good is that it's varied in a way that most run-of-the-mill platformers aren't... And this Commodore conversion is even better than the original.