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EGG #013: Acorn Electron (26th August 2018) (Acorn Electron, Magazine)

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Castle Raider (Retro Software)
Programmer David Boddie set himself the personal challenge of writing a smooth-software-scrolling game on the Electron - and, on top of that achievement, it's fair to say that he hasn't managed a bad little game too!
Palace Of Magic 2016 (Everygamegoing)
A much improved version of the Electron Palace Of Magic... Any Acorn Electron owners who have never seen this superior version should be advised to get it immediately.
Electrobots (0xC0DE)
You're not going to be disappointed with this... It's actually three graphic adventures in one!
The Darkness Of Raven Wood (Retro Software)
The lovely graphics, and the substantive plot, make for an immersive playing environment and elevate this to one of the best illustrated adventures I've ever seen on the BBC and Electron.
Elementum (Retro Power)
A game that's sort of average and put together with a large degree of finesse. I'd say definitely try before you buy with this one.