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Dragon User #026 (1st June 1985) (Dragon 32, Magazine)

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The King Of The Arcade
Handles better than any other game on the market... Judging by the number of months the game held the top of the software charts, every Dragon owner in Britain probably owns a copy!
Manic Miner (Software Projects)
The game, like its excellent successor, is almost sure to become a classic, and its sales on the Dragon show that Roy Coates has taken Matthew Smith's formula and implemented it just as well on the Dragon.
When you have mastered this game, it is no longer limitless, for, as difficulty increases and fuel disappears more rapidly, there is a run where it is impossible to survive, even if all fuel bases are shot!
Rommel's Revenge
A superb game, excellently programmed.
Cuthbert In The Jungle (Microdeal)
Well worth adding to the collection.
Frogger (A 'n F)
Progressive difficulty, a timer, five frogs per game, one or two player option, and can play more tunes than "Duran Duran" (but then three isn't really than many!)
Jet Set Willy (Software Projects)
Beg, steal, borrow, do anything but get enough money for this game... you will never regret it.
Not bad, and as long as you don't expect a conventional adventure Syzygy shouldn't disappoint.
It is a shame that I have to write such a scathing review as the programing is really rather good at points, but I'm afraid Vidipix need a new designer, preferably one who knows something about market demand.

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