Computer & Video Games #67 From The Magazine Archives Of

Computer & Video Games #67 (1st May 1987) (Spectrum 16K, Magazine)

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Reviews:Arkanoid (Imagine), -
 :Enduro Racer (Activision), -
 :Martianoids (Ultimate), -
 :Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Gremlin Graphics), -
 :Express Raider (Data East), -
 :Super Cycle (Epyx), -
 :500cc Grand Prix (Microids), -
 :TT Racer (Digital Integration), -
 :Olli And Lissa (Firebird), -
 :Psi-5 Trading Company (U. S. Gold), -
 :Shadow Skimmer (The Edge), -
 :Uchi Mata (Martech), -
 :Ranarama (Hewson Consultants), -
 :Terror Of The Deep (Mirrorsoft), -
 :Head Over Heels (Ocean), -
 :Thrust II (Firebird), -
 :Warlock (The Edge), -
 :Amaurote (Mastertronic Added Dimension), -
 :Fifth Axis (Activision), -
 :Leaderboard (U. S. Gold), -
 :Atari Smash Hits 7 (English), -
 :Thunderstruck II: The Mindmaster (Audiogenic), -
 :President (Addictive Games), -
 :Fist II (Melbourne House), -
 :Magic Madness (Anco), -
 :The Sydney Affair (Infogrames), -
 :Equaliser Plus Terminator (The Power House), -
 :Micro Trivia (Harold Gale Associates), -
 :Mad Nurse (Firebird), -
 :Muncher (Alternative), -
 :Butch Hard Guy (Advance Software Promotions), -
 :Plan B (Bug Byte), -
 :Agent Orange (A 'n F), -
 :Castle Eerie/Shipwreck (Tartan), -
 :Savage Island Part 1 (Tynesoft), -
 :Savage Island Part 2 (Tynesoft), -
 :Imagination (Firebird), -
 :Hollywood Hi-Jinx (Infocom), -
 :The Serf's Tale (Players), -
 :Scott Adams Scoops (U. S. Gold), Steven Donoghue