Computer & Video Games #44 From The Magazine Archives Of

Computer & Video Games #44 (1st June 1985) (Spectrum 16K, Magazine)

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Reviews:Starion (Melbourne House), -
 :Shadowfire (Beyond), -
 :Grand Larceny (Melbourne House), -
 :Ice Palace (Creative Sparks), -
 :Wriggler (Romantic Robot), -
 :Android One (Vortex), -
 :Rocketball (IJK), -
 :World Baseball (Imagine), -
 :Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (Martech), -
 :Squash (New Generation), -
 :Broad Street (Mind Games), -
 :Zaxxon (Electric), -
 :Norseman (Electric), -
 :M*A*S*H (Parco Electrics), -
 :Demon Attack (Parco Electrics), -
 :Star Trek (Parco Electrics), -
 :Pirate's Isle (Parco Electrics), -
 :Microsurgeon (Parco Electrics), -
 :Pole Position (Parco Electrics), -
 :Popeye (Parker Bros), -
 :Fathom (Imagic), -
 :Tunnels Of Doom (Parco Electrics), -
 :Moon Mine (Parco Electrics), -
 :Supersketch (Parco Electrics), -
 :Slymoids (Parco Electrics), -
 :Superhod (Parco Electrics), -
 :Gremlins (Adventure International), -
 :Murder By The Dozen (CBS), -
 :Legend (Century), -
 :Perseus And Andromeda (Channel 8), Simon Marsh
 :Island Of Xaan (Robico), Keith Campbell
 :Confidential (Radar Games), Jim Douglas
 :Country Quest (Wye Valley), Jim Douglas
 :Black Tower (Dollarsoft), Jim Douglas
 :Jewels Of Babylon (Interceptor Micros), Jim Douglas
 :The Tracer Sanction (Activision), Keith Campbell
 :Impossibility (Ariolasoft), -
 :Berks Trilogy (CRL), -
 :Entombed (Ultimate), -
 :Mama Llama (Llamasoft), -
 :Frankenstein (Icon), -
 :Fantastic Voyage (Quicksilva), -
 :Gates Of Dawn (Virgin Games), -
 :Caveman Capers (Icon), -
 :Buck Rogers (Sega), -