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Crash Annual 2018 (12th December 2017) (Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3, Magazine)

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Ads:Project Jetboot Joe (Langford Productions), -
News:Crash News, -
Ads:The Fantasy Art Of Oliver Frey: Extended Edition (Fusion Retro Books), -
Reviews:Alter Ego 2: Dreamwalker (RetroSouls), Mark Jones & Chris Wilkins
 :Bubble Monkey Bros. (Gabriele Amore), Ryan Coleman
 :Sunbucket (Stonechat Productions), Chris Wilkins & Dean Swain
 :Popeye (Gabriele Amore), Mark Jones
 :Donkey Kong Jr. (Gabriele Amore), Chris Wilkins & Ryan Coleman
 :Godkiller 2: Exile (APSIS), Chris Wilkins & Neil Ebrey
Ads:Dingo (Tardis Remakes), -
Articles:Crash: So What Happened Next?, Graeme Mason
Previews:You Can't Keep A Good Egg Down: Wonderful Dizzy On The ZX Spectrum Next, Philip Oliver
Ads:Greenford Computer Club: Everyone's Welcome!, -
Reviews:El Stompo (Stonechat Productions), Mark Jones & Chris Wilkins
 :Pietro Bros. (Noentiendo), Mark Jones & Jason Railton
 :Buzzsaw+ (Foxton Locks Mix), Chris Wilkins & Alan Hammerton
 :Castaway (Juan J. Martinez), Chris Wilkins & Neil Ebrey
 :Farmer Jack In Harvest Havoc (Cronosoft), Mark Jones & Jason Railton
 :Crystal Kingdom Dizzy 2017 (Evgenly Barskiy), Chris Wilkins & Ant Harper
Articles:Lloyd Mangram's Forum, Lloyd Mangram
Ads:RGCD, -
Articles:Stuart Williams's Adventure Trail, Stuart Williams
Reviews:The Hobbit 128K (Melbourne House), Stuart Williams
 :Sam Mallard: The Case Of The Missing Swan (Monument Microgames), Stuart Williams
 :Bounty: The Search For Frooge (Paul Jenkinson), Stuart Williams
Articles:Crash Merchandise, -
Reviews:Nick Roberts' Playing Tips, Nick Roberts
Maps:Knight Lore (Ultimate): Crash MapBack, -
Reviews:Tech Niche, Chris Wilkins
Ads:RetroGear, -
Articles:Simon Butler's SCREEN$, Simon Butler
 :Crash D.I.Y., -
 :CrashBack, -
Ads:Foggy's Quest: To Narg And Back Again, -
Reviews:Crashed And Burned, Martyn Carroll
Articles:The Making Of Code Zero: Paul Jenkinson's Developer Diary, Paul Jenkinson
Ads:The Ambivalence Chronicles: A Sci-Fi Comedy In 8 Bits, -
 :Monument Microgames: Snake Escape, Multi-Dude, Endless Forms Most Beautiful & Metal Man Reloaded, -
Articles:Jetman Comic Strip, -
Competitions:ZX Next Competition, -
Ads:Robot 1 In The Ship Of Doom (, -
Reviews:Barbarians (Cyningstan), Richard Burton
 :Vulcan: The Mission Packs, Richard Burton
 :How Crash Did It Monthly, Roger Kean
Ads:Deep Core Raider, -
Reviews:Fist-Ro Fighter (RetroBytes), Chris Wilkins
 :Explorer (Luca Bordoni), Phil Wheatley
Ads:Where There's Bum... There's Fun (Bum Fun Gaming), -
Reviews:Castlevania: Spectral Interlude (Aleksander Udotov), Ryan Coleman
 :Dark Castle (kas29), Jason Railton
 :Horace In The Mystic Woods (Monsterbytes), Jason Railton
 :In The Walls Of Eryx (Arkham House), Jason Railton
 :Wake Me Up! (La Moderna Soft), Jason Railton
 :Zombo (Monsterbytes), Jason Railton
 :Complica DX (Einar Saukas), Jason Railton
 :The Dark (Oleg Origin), -
 :Vallation: Escape The Pirate Planet (Tardis Remakes), Jason Railton
 :Ooze (Bubblesoft), Chris Wilkins & Ant Harper
 :Foggy's Quest (Rucksack Games), Graeme Mason
 :Terrapins (Cronosoft), Chris Wilkins
 :Pentacorn Quest (Jose Rodriguez), Chris Wilkins
 :Snake Escape (Einar Saukas), -
Ads:The Art Of Oliver Frey: Limited Edition Prints, -
Articles:What The Beep!, R. Hollins
 :The Full Spectrum, -
 :Play It Again Sam, Colin Piggot
 :Lloyd Mangram's Hall Of Shame, Lloyd Mangram
Previews:Rex: The Next Chapter, -
 :Mr. Do!, -
 :Pogie, -
 :Nodes Of Yesod, -
Articles:ZX Next: Carrying The Speccy Torch, -
Ads:Mutant Caterpillar Games, -
 :Retro Reading: Fusion Retro Books, -