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Computer Gamer #23 (1st February 1987) (Spectrum 16K/48K/BBC A/BBC B/Electron/Dragon, Magazine)

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Aliens (Electric Dreams) (Spectrum 48K)
An excellent game of a superb film. As you get further into the game the Aliens will discover your presence and mount stronger and stronger counter-attacks until you're swamped in eggs, warriors and bio-mechanical growth.
Repton 3 (Superior) (Acorn Electron)
Quite simply one of the most addictive games I have ever come across.
Top Gun (Ocean) (Amstrad CPC464)
One of the most enjoyable flight games that I have ever come across. For head-to-head air combat, this is definitely the tops.
Howard The Duck (Activision) (Commodore 64/128)
For the younger player I cannot recommend Howard highly enough but I fear the seasoned gamester will play it twice and never return again.
Tracker (Rainbird) (Commodore 64/128)
Although this is a complex piece of programming, I can't say that I was impressed with the gameplay.
Trivial Pursuit: Young Player's Edition (Domark) (Commodore 64)
Recommended to any youngster who loves filling their mind with totally trivial bits of information.
Deep Strike (Durell) (Amstrad CPC464)
The gameplay is a bit weird due to your plane reacting very sluggishly compared to the enemy craft.
Pro Golf (Atlantis) (Spectrum 48K)
Where the game scores is that it creates a much better feel for the golf game - it is far more realistic.
Silicon Dreams (Rainbird) (Commodore 64)
A treat for adventurers everywhere.
Winter Wonderland (Incentive) (BBC Model B)
The best thing that can be said about this game is that it is poor. The storyline is weak, with no real atmosphere created within the game.
Aardvark (Bug-Byte) (Commodore 16)
There are over 1,000 maze combinations and sixteen levels to complete, all with a good standard of graphics.
Starglider (Rainbird) (Amstrad CPC464)
A good-looking game with a high perceived value, though it does get boring after a while as there is so little depth to the play.
The Magician's Curse (Gremlin) (Commodore 16)
A satisfactory standard of graphics and sound combined with eight skill levels of enjoyable gameplay make The Magician's Curse a very worthwhile buy.
The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Melbourne House) (Commodore 16)
A good adaptation of the game with nice graphics and a very good joystick response. However, for those of you expecting something as addictive as the other versions then prepare to be a little disappointed.
5 Star Games (Beau-Jolly) (Acorn Electron)
An excellent collection, bound to please a great many BBC and Electron owners.
Xor (Logotron) (BBC B/B+/Master 128)
The mazes and puzzles will intrigue and fascinate you and if, like me, you're a fan of the Repton series, then this will also appeal to you.
Elektra Glide (English) (Amstrad CPC464)
An extremely enjoyable game that is one of the few that I will keep coming back to over the next year. Play it and believe it!
W.A.R. (Martech) (BBC Model B)
One of my nominations for BBC Game of The Year.
Spiky Harold (Firebird) (Commodore 16/Plus 4)
Spiky Harold is a good platform game and has plenty of entertainment to offer for such a small price.
Robot Rascals (Ariolasoft) (Commodore 64/128)
Robot Rascals gives us a glimpse of how computer games might develop when we've had our share of shoot-'em-ups.
1943: One Year After (Action) (Commodore 64)
Very fast and extremely challenging.
Killer Ring (Ariolasoft) (Amstrad CPC464)
The graphics are good, colourful and extremely fast. The usual Wemusic muzak plays along in the background at a cracking pace and the whole thing fits together extremely well.
Defcom (Quicksilva) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
In a world of good, mediocre, and bad shoot-'em-ups, we don't need another bad one.
Uridium (Hewson) (Spectrum 48K)
Uridium got the resurgence in shoot-'em-ups going, let's hope it lasts.
Light Force (Faster Than Light) (Spectrum 48K)
A well thought out game which is a definitive representation of the genre.
Terra Cresta (Imagine) (Commodore 64/128)
Good graphics and animation make this a good game to play, though rather dated in concept.
Psycastria (Audiogenic) (BBC/Electron)
This is a good game on the Beeb, merely because there is nothing to compare it to. However, as the C64 version is plagiarised from Uridium I can see no reason why you should buy this rather than the Hewson game.
Gauntlet (US Gold) (Spectrum 48K/128K)
Gauntlet on the Spectrum is excellent. Not quite as good as the Amstrad version, but the great speed at which everything happens kills all other clones dead.
The Double (Scanatron) (Commodore 64/128)
On balance, The Double is streets ahead of Football Manager... The extreme slowness of the game did not detract greatly from the satisfaction given by my accomplishments.
Arcticfox (Ariolasoft) (Commodore 64)
The future is here and its name is ArcticFox.
Super Sunday (Nexus) (Commodore 64/128)
You play every second of the game, call every play, score every point and hear (and almost feel) every bone-crushing tackle.
Head Coach (Addictive) (Spectrum 48K)
A season usually takes about two hours to play and is followed by the end of season college draft where the teams take turns to pick the best of the new players.
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona (Grandslam/Argus Press) (Spectrum 48K)
No international matches, no cup finals. Just an assortment of meaningless matches and sixteen skill upgrading sessions.
Super Soccer (Imagine) (Spectrum 48K)
Players prepared to put in the practice will find this to be an excellent game.
Footballer Of The Year (Gremlin) (BBC/Electron)
It's too easy... I managed to win the award three times in a row!
America's Cup Challenge (US Gold) (Commodore 64/128)
Steering the yachts around the course couldn't be easier. Getting round it quickly is the problem. The secret lies in choosing the right sails at the right time, particularly when you're sailing into the wind.
Championship Wrestling (US Gold/Epyx) (Commodore 64/128)
An easier game to play than Rock 'N Wrestle and graphically more impressive.
Strip Poker (Anco) (Commodore 16/Plus 4)
About as erotic as a wet weekend in Sheffield. There are five digitised images for each young lady and the best way to describe them is to imagine Page 3 of The Sun - smudged.
Konami's Golf (Imagine) (Spectrum 48K)
The game is too easy to play and, with only nine holes, there is not enough to it. Not recommended.
Jail Break (Konami) (Amstrad CPC464)
An average conversion of a dated game. The Amstrad conversion is not inspiring, the small graphics jerk around the screen.
Hardball (Advance) (Spectrum 48K)
A great game, highly recommended.
Paradroid/Uridium Twin Pack (Hewson) (Commodore 64/128)
Dash out and buy this and live in envy of your friends.
Star Soldier (Quicksilva) (Commodore 64/128)
As the difficulty of the mission increases you'll have to face more and more enemy troops until you have to weave your way through a snow storm of bullets just to survive.
Strike Force Cobra (Piranha) (Spectrum 48K)
Each team member will need all his shooting, throwing, diving and kicking skills just to stay alive.
Rogue Trooper (Piranha) (Spectrum 48K)
As you explore the desolate radioactive world you may find medikits to patch up your wounds and boxes of extra ammo among the ruins, or norts and autofiring pillboxes.
SAS Operation Thunderflash (Super Sparklers) (Spectrum 48K)
The graphics are wooden and the gameplay is so restricted that our SAS hero can only move and fire in four directions.
They Call Me Trooper (CRL) (Spectrum 128K)
It's hard to imagine why this game needs 128K, or why anyone would want to play it.
Bazooka Bill (Melbourne House) (Commodore 64/128)
Once you've worked out how to stop yourself from running around in circles, you might reach an airport when you can dogfight with a skyful of enemy aircraft and finally find the President.
Hypaball (Odin) (Commodore 64/128)
The game is hard, fast and great fun yet such a simple concept. This could be Odin's biggest seller to date.
Elite (Acornsoft) (Acorn Electron)
An excellent game. One of the few that can really be called a 'classic' and probably the only classic that is still playable - especially two years after release.