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Chewing Gum 8308 (1st August 1983) (Colour Genie, Magazine)

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Editorial:Editorial, Marc J. Leduc
Articles:Introduction To Basic, A. G. Kneeus
 :Colour Genie Expansion Socket, Ernest Poggio
 :Merging Basic Programs, Colin Price
 :Machine Code Corner, Marc J. Leduc
Ads:A. G. Kneeus, -
Articles:Whoops! Sorry - Mistakes In Previous Issues, -
Ads:Mastering The Colour Genie (Granada), -
 :Kwerty And Your Colour Genie, -
Articles:Further Addresses Of The Colour Genie RAM Area, -
Letters:Barbara Hadley Letter, Barbara Hadley
 :Loading Software: Some Tips, Richard Lawrence
 :Restoring Basic Programs, Konrad Hinsen
Articles:Trick Or Treat: Amazing Things To Do With Your Genie, Tony Campbell
Typeins:Drawit, J. Hayes
Articles:Sticky Corners, -
 :Feeling Adventurous: An Introduction To Text Adventures, -
Ads:Gumboot Software, -